How is survey data used by architects within the RIBA’s Digital Plan of Works?

CADS' Senior Geomatics and Surveying Engineer, Alberto Embarba explains vital survey data considerations required to align with the RIBA Digital Plan of Works.

Alberto Embarba of CADS
Survey Insight by Alberto Embarba Senior Geomatics and Surveying Engineer 30/03/2022

Managing the design and construction process

A lot of our clients use the RIBA’s Digital Plan of Works to manage their design and construction processes which specify that site surveys should be sourced as part of RIBA Stage 1 – Preparation and Briefing. However, we are often commissioned earlier in the process under RIBA Stage 0 – Strategic Definition.

When this happens, we are able to contribute to the appraisal process by helping our clients to develop more robust business cases, accurately assess project risks and prepare more detailed budget cost planning in conjunction with the client’s requirements.

There is also value at the outset of a project in considering the data you may need at later stages. Where we’ve been able to work with clients from the start of a project, we’ve been able to minimise design clashes and construction issues by ensuring a coordinated data collection process is established at the start and maintained throughout the lifespan of the project.

Below is our summary of survey data considerations aligned with the RIBA Digital Plan of Works.

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