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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to our survey services. Please read through the questions below and follow the links to other related information.

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What different types of land and building surveys are there?

Trained surveyors verify and produce building and site information by undertaking surveys for various architectural, design and construction purposes. Such surveys and related services include:

What types of building does CADS survey?

We specialise in commercial buildings including retail, public sector and corporate offices. We also have strong experience in surveying historical listed buildings, residential developments, healthcare and education.

What information is required to carry out a survey?

The team requires a range of information about the building and project first to help us understand your survey need. This avoids time and money being spent collecting unnecessary data and preparing information that is not then used. The details we require include:

  • Location, details and an indication of size of the subject to be surveyed
  • Type and purpose for which the survey is required e.g. a land survey for a new building development project
  • Scope of survey required e.g. which areas are to be surveyed externally and internally
  • Specification of detail to be captured e.g. an outline of the structure or inclusion of fittings as well
  • When the survey is required by
  • Restrictions upon the survey e.g. timings for access or physical obstructions

With an understanding of the above, our Surveyor can ensure the correct scope, specification and delivery form of the project. For larger projects, we will make a site visit to fully inform the survey fee proposal.

What equipment is used for each survey type?

CADS operates the latest cutting-edge survey technology appropriate to the survey type being undertaken. Equipment used can range from traditional steel tapes and hand-held laser measures for simple 2D capture to the use of highly accurate laser scanners and Theodolite total stations for accurate and more complex surveys.

The team will discuss the range of equipment and its application appropriate to your requirements.

In what form is the survey delivered?

Survey information is delivered electronically in digital file form, whether as 2D CAD drawings or complex 3D models.

Survey files can range from a few megabytes capable of being emailed, to larger and more complex surveys generating files of many Gigabytes which require other forms of delivery.

There are also different software programmes used across the property and construction world, it is therefore important to discuss with the surveyor both the type of file required and the most appropriate form of delivery when making the initial enquiry.

Security of the information in delivery and storage is also an important consideration for many clients and specific requirements can be agreed at the outset. Paper-based printed formats can also be provided for traditional 2D drawings.

What is BIM and how can it help my project?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the process of gathering the digital description of every aspect of a built asset. It helps architects, engineers and construction professionals to manage information and work collaboratively during the lifecycle of a project.

Adopting the BIM process can identify the viability of a design before the work begins, reducing the need for design and specification changes. This ultimately prevents delays to the programme, additional labour costs and material wastage.

Do you offer a nationwide service?

Yes, our team of surveyors work throughout the UK.

How soon can you carry out a survey?

We always respond quickly to enquiries and where a project requires a site visit, we will arrange one as soon as possible. A quotation will be provided within 48 hours of completing a visit and once approved we are normally able to commence on site within ten working days. Where a faster turnaround is required we will do what we can to start sooner.

What other services does CADS provide?

The team can also support commercial projects with 3D visualisation, 3D panoramic photo surveys, GIS and Mapping and CAD services and in depth surveys of retail stores such as furniture or retail fixtures and fittings.

We also provide a comprehensive retail service. This includes considerable experience in retail surveys – particularly large survey rollouts where we provide project management and detailed programmes to meet our client deadlines. As well as developing and supplying the macro space planning software StoreSpace®, retail space planning expertise resourced by the UK’s largest retail space planning team.

How much should I budget for my survey?

A 2D measured building survey starts from £1200, increasing to several thousand pounds.

The price is dependent on the time that is required to collect the site data and convert it into 2D CAD drawings or 3D Revit models. The building type, complexity, condition and access can also affect the price.

It is therefore important that a detailed schedule of the project’s information requirements is prepared so that surveyors can understand the level of data that needs to be captured for inclusion in the final 2D or 3D deliverable. If the surveyor understands your requirements clearly they will be able to determine the most effective and time-efficient methodology to collect your data.

When procuring a survey it is generally beneficial to place a value on the quality and reliability of the data you will receive rather than the price you will pay.

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