The intuitive AutoCAD-based retail space planning software that will enable you to improve the profitability of your stores

Integrating macro and micro space knowledge for effective store optimisation

By connecting the category space on your floor plans with your Nielsen planograms or other sales data, StoreSpace® will enable you to plan your stores efficiently and effectively using accurate data, store planning reports and performance insights.

Developed by CADS, the macro space planning experts, StoreSpace® provides a productive store planning environment. It works directly within AutoCAD .dwg files and using the intelligent block libraries and StoreSpace® toolsets to guide the planning process.

Whether you are designing new stores or remodelling existing ones, with StoreSpace® you can:

  • Optimise category space using sales data and ‘model stores’ to replicate best performing stores.
  • Simplify and speed up the store planning process using the intelligent AutoCAD block library and intuitive space planning toolset.
  • Plan both micro and macro space directly from your .dwg floor plans using StoreSpace’s integration with Nielsen’s planograms or other micro-space software solutions
  • View, report and share the critical store planning reports with relevant stakeholders via the web-based portal.
  • Comply with data localisation with international hosting options using Microsoft Azure.
StoreSpace software
StoreSpace® retail space planning software

Optimise performance with sales data and model stores

By integrating your planogram software, StoreSpace® overlays sales, movement and profit heatmaps onto your floor plans, so you can clearly see where your space allocation is successful and where categories are underperforming.

Used in conjunction with the ‘model stores’ functionality, you can plan your macro space using the ideal category space allocation for a specific store type, based on past performance.

Our Format Development Manager can assist you in creating your store models, defining targets for category space allocation and planning principles for store layouts.

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StoreSpace® retail space planning software

Our data is sustained at a level of 98% complete and we are now beginning to reap the rewards financially of utilising accurate space data. Both our Trading and Retail teams are now being able to use the information to drive competitive advantage and to see real benefits to their P and L’s.

Space Integrity Manager, ASDA

Asda optimises retail floor planning process with StoreSpace®

StoreSpace® has become an integral part of the Asda store planning and optimisation process. Used to understand and optimise the selling space across the retailers’ 650 plus stores, the dynamic processes now in place ensures the StoreSpace® information is accurate, valuable and helping to drive competitive advantage.

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Manage your planograms directly within your floor plans

As a Nielsen Connected Partner we have closely integrated StoreSpace® with Nielsen’s planogram software connecting micro and macro space management data and processes.

You can simply ‘drag and drop’ your planograms onto the fixtures on your AutoCAD .dwg floor plans. StoreSpace® makes the connection with the planogram software, validating sizes as well as identifying any fixtures without planograms.

And if you don’t have AutoCAD licences our StoreSpace® Planner licence provides an alternative solution giving you all the functionality of our StoreSpace® toolset without the need for a separate AutoCAD licence.

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StoreSpace® retail space planning software

Creating a productive store planning environment

StoreSpace® integrates AutoCAD into the planning environment, enabling your store planners to work directly within the .dwg drawing, rather than tracing on top. This creates a store plan which is THE single version of truth accessible to all stakeholders via the StoreSpace® portal.

Using StoreSpace®’s intelligent AutoCAD block library, floor plans are kept up to date, duplications are avoided, and the store planning reports are based on accurate information.

While the intuitive StoreSpace® toolset guides the store planning process to deliver the ideal mix of category space within an error-free floor plan. Creating company-wide trust in the quality of your store plan data.

Your essential retail space management tool

By providing a robust reporting system, accurate up to date information and a highly productive planning environment, StoreSpace® will enable you to optimise your stores efficiently and effectively.

You can also access your StoreView® 360 virtual tours within the StoreSpace portal, providing an easy reference to the physical reality during the store planning process.

Store planning software integrating with existing systems

StoreSpace® can also enhance your existing systems and workflows. The AutoCAD toolset is used alongside your current CAD processes, speeding them up and enabling your teams to get more valuable data and insights.

StoreSpace® retail space planning software

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