Surveys for BIM

Measured surveys that deliver an accurate base model for BIM projects for architects to use as the foundation for their designs

Surveys for BIM

Our BIM surveys provide an accurate base model

Our technical experts will work with you to create a BIM survey specification that defines the LOD (level of detail) that your architects and engineers will require at the outset.

This ensures our surveyors capture all required information when they are out on site surveying.

In addition to architectural detailing, we can also incorporate mechanical and electrical services information within the 3D BIM model, as well as adding topographic and underground utilities data.

Survey for BIM specification - a five-stage process

There are five stages to our “Survey for BIM” specifications, which we have developed in line with the RIBA Digital Plan of Works. This provides a great starting point for determining your requirements.

The Level of Detail or LOD contained in the model increases progressively through the stages. These levels are explained in detail further down this page.

Defining the Level of Detail (LOD) in your BIM model

The amount of time and therefore cost of capturing the data and creating the model will increase as the level of detail increases. Once we have agreed the model’s Level of Detail, we can then discuss how to accommodate either a Revit® families library or incorporate your preferred specification using a bespoke format that we will create.

Digital construction related services

In addition to our survey for BIM, we also offer additional 3D BIM model support services which you can use throughout the lifecycle of your project. These include

  • 3D design co-ordination
  • 3D model project management and clash detection reporting
  • Additional measurement e.g. ‘As built’ Verification Surveys

With our practical experience of digital construction, our professional team of surveyors provides much more than accurate measurements. We provide knowledgeable support and project management that will help you enjoy the much-celebrated benefits of BIM in reducing time, cost and waste.


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Having CADS on board meant we were able to establish a high level of detail from the offset. Their depth of coordination during the 3D modelling process meant it wasn’t just the big architecture items that were addressed, but also the intricate details.

The standard of accuracy we required for the Bloomberg auditorium fit-out could not have been achieved without the good data that digital technology enabled us to capture.

Mark Hazell Project Manager, TMJ Interiors

3D design coordination for award-winning auditorium

Working with specialist joinery contractor TMJ Interiors, CADS coordinated the project designs of all 70 contractors to create a federated Revit® model

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What are the Levels of Detail in a BIM Model?

LOD1 – base survey mass model

The basic outline of buildings and structures without any architectural details at a 1:200 traditional scale.

Surveys for BIM LOD 1
Surveys for BIM LOD 2

LOD2 – structural components base survey model

The major structural components and structural openings at a 1:200 traditional scale.

LOD3 – standard survey model

The principal basic architectural details and structures, suitable to generate survey plans, elevations and sections at 1:50 or 1:100 traditional scale. We also build the basic families to a default setting. These may include main MEP services or FFE in outline form.

Surveys for BIM LOD 3
Surveys for BIM LOD 4

LOD4 – detailed survey model

This model contains:

  • detailed architectural and structural features.
  • families will be built to greater detail and principle finishes and construction will be indicated where known.
  • the model will be suitable for generating survey plans, elevations and sections at 1:50 or 1:20 traditional scale.
  • it is also suitable for recording historic or listed buildings.
  • the main and subsidiary MEP and FFE elements will be included if required.

LOD5 – detailed survey model with metadata

As with a LOD4 model, but enhanced with the addition of non-geometric/parametric data and record information supplied by the client or other third parties, where defined and agreed at the outset.

Surveys for BIM LOD 4 + metadata

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