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Retail Video by Guy Moates Retail Specialist 01/07/2019

See how you can optimise store layouts & performance by linking AutoCAD store plans & other data sources across your estate in this StoreSpace® video


Optimise your store layouts and improve performance with StoreSpace’s intuitive and integrated AutoCAD-based space planning platform

To create profitable store layouts you need to meticulously plan and understand the customer journey. By understanding this journey, it is possible to successfully position categories and products in store. The result ensures that selling space is optimised and customers are satisfied.

How Can StoreSpace® Help You Optimise Your Store Layouts & Performance?

This involves the assessment of many different data sources, and this is where StoreSpace® fits in. It has been developed in-house and based on a wealth of practical retail space planning experience. StoreSpace helps retailers productively plan their stores by accessing accurate space-related information.

Such information as how the selling space within your stores integrates with the building, as well as understanding the impact of equipment, customer flow and fixture placements. StoreSpace builds this intelligence directly into your existing AutoCAD block library. AND by avoiding the use of overlays and trace files StoreSpace ensures a single AutoCAD drawing reflects each store.

Whether you are designing new stores or remodelling existing ones, StoreSpace® retail space planning software enables you to:

  • maximise selling space and identify opportunities for improving your store layouts;
  • simplify and speed up the planning process;
  • use best performing stores as models to plan and adjust other stores;
  • plan your macro space & Nielsen planograms directly from your AutoCAD .dwg floor plans;
  • view, report and share all information held in your store plans;

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Intuitive planning tools to optimise the space planning process

Empowering you to maximise sales and improve profitability by achieving optimal layouts, range and assortment for individual stores across your whole estate.

The intuitive range of planning tools will guide you through the macro space planning process. One such tool is the model stores with its simple traffic light system. By comparing to the model store your retail planners can achieve the right balance of space in each store. Highlighting tools show category locations, over or underachievement of targets compare to your model stores.

Plan your macro space & Nielsen planograms directly from your AutoCAD .dwg floor plans

As a Nielsen Connected Partner, we can closely integrate your Nielsen Planogram software suite with StoreSpace, connecting your micro and macro space management data and processes.

By driving the ‘store to planogram’ relationship from with your AutoCAD .dwg files you simply identify fixtures without planograms, validate planograms will fit the allocated fixture and visualise the product adjacency directly from the floor plan. This StoreSpace video show how this integration works.

StoreSpace® is a registered trademark of CADS.

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