CADS uses StoreSpace® to transform store planning process for leading Mexican retailer

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Retail Insight by CADS Media team 14/02/2024

Retail space planning expert CADS has transformed leading Mexican grocery retailer and wholesaler Grupo Merza’s store planning process with its innovative StoreSpace® software.


StoreSpace® helps Grupo Merza make quicker space planning decisions and improve store profitability

Transforming floor planning processes

Planning inefficiencies improved with StoreSpace® software

Before implementing StoreSpace®, Grupo Merza used Excel spreadsheets and email chains for store planning. Experiencing inefficiencies in its process, the business sought to improve its knowledge of merchandisable space and how to manage it, in order to boost customer experience and store profitability.

Grupo Merza selected Great Yarmouth-based CADS due to its retail space planning expertise – and intuitive store planning software StoreSpace® – to achieve its objectives.

Centralised space planning solution

“We integrated StoreSpace® with Grupo Merza’s existing NielsenIQ planogram technology to give the business a centralised space planning solution. We’ve helped to transform their processes and the business has seen significant benefits across its whole estate!”

says Richard Burford, Customer Success Specialist at CADS.

Delivering customer success

StoreSpace® helps Grupo Merza make quicker space planning decisions and improve store profitability

Discovery process maximises impact of StoreSpace® for retailer

StoreSpace® is intuitive store planning technology delivered by CADS. It’s designed to make space planning simpler for retailers by helping them optimise and plan category space for improved profitability and efficiency.

At the beginning of implementation, CADS undertook an in-depth discovery process to fully understand what Grupo Merza wanted to get from StoreSpace®.

During this process, the space planning expert worked with the retailer to align its businesses processes so it could get the most out of the software going forward.

“Working with clients to map their business processes helps drive successful adoption – and we find these clients get the most from our software. We’re also delivering ongoing training for Grupo Merza as part of our Customer Success Program. We’re committed to helping our clients get the very best results from StoreSpace®”

adds Richard.

Improved store planning efficiency

During the implementation of StoreSpace®, CADS migrated floor plans and sales information, provided extensive training and assisted with roll out to over 200 stores.

The adoption of StoreSpace® has given Grupo Merza access to a single source of accurate data, which has helped to eliminate the conflicts caused by previous planning methods.

Also, it’s provided reporting functions which assist with analysing store performance and facilitating data-driven decisions on future layouts.

Not only has this improved in-store compliance, communication and overall efficiency, but it’s boosted the retailer’s profitability per square metre of merchandisable space too.

“The data we now have access to is transformational. StoreSpace® has revolutionised our organisation and provides a complete solution for managing and optimising our storage needs. We have a lot of information now to achieve better negotiations. StoreSpace® will give us benefits in sales and productivity.”

says Haydee Valdes Medina, Head of Marketing at Grupo Merza.

Grupo Merza works with CADS

StoreSpace® helps Grupo Merza make quicker space planning decisions and improve store profitability

Before StoreSpace®, Grupo Merza used Excel sheets and emails for store planning. By implementing our StoreSpace® software, the business now benefits from a single source of accurate data, resulting in faster decision-making and boosted profitability per square metre.

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