Laser scan survey of Natural History Museum’s retail space

Clare Montgomery
Retail Case Study by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 04/09/2019

Creating a virtual tour of the retail space in a landmark London museum


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Measured Building Survey & StoreView®

The Natural History Museum in London needed a better understanding of the commodities located within the retail space in their grand and historical building.

Approaching CADS, the Head of Retail requested measured surveys of the museum’s three permanent gift shops and storage areas so that configuration and product categories could be identified.

Night at the museum

Due to high visitor volumes, the CADS surveying team laser scanned the retail areas at night when the museum was closed to the public. This meant that images of visitors weren’t included in the scan data and photography they captured. The team completed the work in just one evening

360-degree panoramic as-built images

The surveying team also captured the retail space to create a StoreView® virtual tour of the Museum’s shops :

Museum shop tour >

Dinostore tour >

The Cranbourne tour >

These StoreView®s allowed the Head of Retail to share the shop plans with colleagues off-site, aiding the decision-making process.

Natural History Museum's Dinostore

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Your surveyors did an amazing job on the night. We had some great photos and surveys back and are very happy.

Claire Bevan Interim Head of Retail at the Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum's Cranbourne boutique

Maximising retail space

CADS delivered 360-degree StoreViews for each shop along with accurate 2D floorplans with merchandise categories allocated and an existing ceiling plan.

The surveying team enjoyed working in this historical and unique venue and delivered building data that helped the museum maximise its retail space.

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