Pets at Home use StoreView® surveys to validate project store selection

Responding to an uplift in online orders, Pets at Home wanted to understand which stores could be included in their new 'Deliver from Store' programme

Clare Montgomery
Retail Case Study by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 25/08/2021

Using StoreView® to identify suitable locations in store

At the outset of their ‘Deliver from Store’ programme, Pets at Home needed to validate the store selection for the project.  The task was to establish whether there was capacity in each store for an online order packing station in the back of house amenity area. This is a warehousing area that was already a busy location receiving regular large deliveries each week.

Pets at Home, therefore, approached CADS to undertake a 360 StoreView® survey to capture full visual information including equipment, power and data sources on 132 of its 453 stores within a challenging four-week programme. Although the activity was at the back of the store, Pets at Home decided to include the retail areas within the survey in anticipation of the many ways the information could be used.

200 out of 453 stores selected

All 132 stores were surveyed and the StoreView® tours were created within the four-week time frame. This enabled Pets at Home to quickly identify the stores that were not suitable for the project and remove them from the programme.

As a result, a further 68 store surveys were commissioned in a follow up three-week programme.

Pets at Home StoreView used to validate store selection

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CADS has been exceptionally professional to work with. They have been very responsive to our requirements and provided a high quality set of surveys which enabled our planning team to remotely review the conditions in a large proportion of the store portfolio.

Additional benefits of the Storeview® surveys are also being appreciated as time goes on and we are already seeing this value realised across several departments.

Mike Renouf Space Planning Manager, Pets at Home
Pets at Home validate store selection using StoreView

Validating store selection remotely

Not only has StoreView® been used to identify the best stores for the ‘Deliver from Store’ programme, they have also been used by several other departments within the retailer.

For example, the merchandising and store proposition departments are now able to evaluate the look and feel of specific areas within the store, confirming the reality at the site and therefore prioritise their refresh and refurbishment works.

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