Healthcare space planning – QEII Hospital, Welwyn Garden City

Clare Montgomery
Other Services Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 11/11/2014

CADS Healthcare Space Planning team has completed a successful space planning project for the new QE2 hospital at Welwyn Garden City


Healthcare space planning

Healthcare space planning

Healthcare Space Planning is a job for a specialist. In-depth CAD expertise using a variety of software programmes is just the beginning. The real science is the combination of 2D & 3D drawing capability with a wealth of knowledge of the healthcare rules and regulations.

Space Planning for a new hospital is exacting and time consuming; and has an enormous impact on how well the clinical spaces will function on a day to day basis once built.

The process starts with the clinicians specifying what equipment is required in each room during the consultancy phase. It is then the Space Planner’s responsibility to ensure that this information is correctly transferred from the NHS’ Activity Database, via Codebook through to the working plans.

However it is only when the Codebook graphics and the Architect’s plans are pieced together that the practicality can be challenged and amended by the Space Planner to ensure it works.

CADS Healthcare space panning team delivered such a project earlier this year on behalf of Architects Penoyre and Prasad for the new QEII Hospital at Welwyn Garden City. We are delighted to have just received this testimonial demonstrating that it was a job well done.

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The team at CADS provided sound advice and methodology in converting the ADB Database into Codebook to deliver the package of works including elevated C-sheets. The CADS team added real value in the checking, verifying and amending of the component data and layouts, which came down to their experience and knowledge and the great working relationship we developed between us over a number of projects. CADS will continue to be our first choice to work with on future healthcare planning projects.

Peter Liddell Associate & Project Lead, Penoyre and Prasad

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