StoreSpace® Implementation – Onboarding new clients

CADS Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Victoria Myhill
Retail Video by Victoria Myhill Senior Digital Marketing Executive 08/02/2023

Our StoreSpace® implementation plan is a process we employ when welcoming new clients to StoreSpace®, as CADS' Customer Success Specialist, Richard Burford explains in this video.


Helping to guarantee customer success with StoreSpace®

We have created the CADS’ StoreSpace® implementation process to help guarantee our customer success with the onboarding process; and we use it with all new StoreSpace® clients. The implementation plan helps clients move to an integrated floor planning process using StoreSpace® as quickly as their internal resources allow.

Defining the StoreSpace® onboarding process

In this video, CADS’ Customer Success Specialist, Richard Burford, explains how the process works with a series of meetings to agree the key milestones to be achieved.


Gaining a thorough understanding of retailer processes

The StoreSpace® implementation process can take anywhere between six to twelve weeks and is flexible and scalable depending on the clients’ availability of resources. The system starts with a kick-off exercise, followed by a discovery process where the CADS Customer Success team gains a thorough understanding of the current business operations and challenges the client currently faces.

Data migration, training and Hypercare

Data migration is the next step, where data of existing client assets is transferred from their old systems potentially in excel or as .dwg files and they are bought into StoreSpace creating a single document. Training and Hypercare sessions are provided at the end of the implementation to help clients adopt the software and provide a real-time communication point with CADS consultants.

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