Retail store surveys

Working throughout the UK and Europe our experienced surveyors will tailor the contents of your retail store surveys to your project requirements and budget.

CADS retail store surveys

Capturing accurate information about your store estate, the category layouts, fixtures and planograms

Our experienced surveyors will tailor the contents of your retail store survey to your project requirements, the desired outcome and your budget.

Working throughout the UK and Europe, we will obtain the information you need for any scale of project, whether at a single location or a multitude of sites.

Our surveyors use both digital-laser and traditional survey methods as appropriate, and we can deliver your information as 2D CAD plans, 3D models or an interactive StoreView® experience.

Store surveys tailored to your specific needs

We understand the importance of cost-effectively capturing the information you need. We will work with you to agree the specification to achieve the desired balance in cost, quality and time whether you require the information for construction, equipment and space audits or project roll-outs.

Architectural retail surveys

If you have recently purchased a site and are planning construction works or are altering a site you already own, we can quickly and accurately capture detailed measurements in a laser survey and deliver the data to your project team’s desktop, enabling them to start work immediately.

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This intensive programme involved 255 concession surveys in 25 European countries in 18 months, with each survey completed and data delivered within two weeks of the commission.

Iain Tubby Principal Surveyor, CADS

European-wide retail concession surveys for Polo Ralph Lauren

Acting as surveying partner supporting PRL’s development of their European concessions, CADS undertook 255 surveys in 25 European countries in 18 months.

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CADS retail store surveys

Retail project rollout surveys

CADS has a wealth of experience in delivering estate-wide surveys, supporting our clients when they are rolling out internal or external changes across their store portfolio.

A project roll-out survey provides the site-specific information needed to enable the delivery of the project within multiple stores across your estate.

Determining the best retail survey solution for you

We will build our survey specification around your individual requirements and can help you develop an appropriate specification document for your project. Your needs will be discussed in-depth so that we can understand what data you require now and what data will benefit you in the future.

Our teams have deep experience in processing scanned architectural data, getting it from our laser scanners to your computer desktop within hours of a survey.

If you have a retail survey project on the horizon, please get in touch to find out how we may help you.

CADS retail store surveys
CADS store planning services

Audit surveys to verify existing plans

While an internal audit survey can be used to verify the accuracy of any existing instore information such as space, equipment, fixtures and commodities. Your floorplans can then be updated to contain the very latest data ready for use in your store planning projects whether you are planning a major intervention, a seasonal range review or rebalancing existing space allocations.

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