Celebrating the RTIH Innovation Awards with the Bricks and Mortar category finalists

Clare Montgomery
Retail Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 07/12/2022

In early December, CADS attended the Retail Technology Innovation Hub (RTIH) Innovation Awards in London. The judging panel announced the winners and attendees enjoyed a roundtable discussion – and a three course Christmas-themed meal!


RTIH Awards winners, Sook

Celebrating international retail technology

Recognising excellence in the retail industry

We had a wonderful time networking with friends and colleagues – and it was a great evening for recognising excellence in our industry.

For the third year running, our StoreSpace® software proudly sponsored the Bricks and Mortar Innovation category. We were delighted to sponsor the award which recognises the potential of technology when used with physical retail spaces.

Following the event, we wanted to take a look at the winner and the finalists of the Bricks and Mortar category, all of whom presented commendable technological innovation.

What are the RTIH Innovation Awards?

The Bricks and Mortar Innovation award recognises businesses which use technology to help physical retail spaces thrive.

The judges were specifically focused on businesses using technology to reduce friction in the customer journey by offering improved experiences and blurring the lines between channels.

Last year, the award was presented to Europe’s largest unmanned grocery store, Lifvs. Lifvs’ innovative unstaffed shops are run via an app which uses technology from Pricer’s Plaza platform.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners – Sook!

The winners of the Bricks and Mortar Innovation award for 2022 were Sook!

Sook transform vacant retail spaces into ready-to-go pop-up spaces, complete with modular digital screens which can be personalised by any retailer or brand to create a bespoke environment.

Their use of technology reinvigorates unused physical retail space to make it financially beneficial for landlords, accessible to retailers and a positive and engaging experience for consumers

Plus, they champion sustainability. Fitting out a physical space with Sook produces around 30% less CO2 than a traditional fit out due to the efficiency of modular off-site construction – and all Sook spaces are powered using 100% renewable energy providers.

Sook’s offering has gained high interest with small and mid-sized enterprises as well as global brands. They have secured deals with Uber, Facebook, TikTok, Depop and more.

Their technological innovation allows retailers and brands of any size to connect with their customers through a bricks and mortar space – making Sook very worthy winners!

Image: Sook

RTIH Innovation Award Winners, Sook

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Well done to the all of the Bricks and Mortar Innovation award finalists

RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, Brain Corp

Brain Corp

Brain Corp’s autonomous AI-driven robots are designed to make bricks and mortar retail spaces cleaner and more efficient.

As well as ensuring satisfactory cleaning coverage, they use data to track sanitation efforts. While the robots are moving around a store, they capture data which provides insights for the retailer, including planogram compliance, stocks levels and more.

Image: Brain Corp

Deep North

Deep North supply intelligent video analytics to help physical retailers gain the same insights as an e-commerce seller.

Using AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Deep North can analyse behavioural metrics and provide real-time insights which allow retailers to improve decision making and processes for boosted profitability. They can even use existing CCTV cameras to keep costs down!

Image: Deep North

RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, Deep North
RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, Jigsaw and Mercaux

Jigsaw and Mercaux

Women’s fashion retailer Jigsaw chose Mercaux as their digital transformation partner with the aim of using technology to connect with customers in physical retail spaces.

With Mercaux’s Assisted Selling and Digital Styling solutions, staff can access content – such as styling suggestions – which helps improve the customer’s in-store experience.

The second phase of this partnership involves Mercaux’s ‘Next Generation Checkout’ which enables customers to checkout using any payment method, further boosting customer experience.

Image: Mercaux


With their Grab and Go solution, MiniGo is using autonomous stores to revolutionise the Latin American fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market.

Their technology enables quick purchases through autonomous and remote operation – for example, automated checkouts. This aims to help physical retail space thrive by reducing friction in the buying experience.

Image: MiniGo

RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, MiniGo

For the third year running, our StoreSpace® software proudly sponsored the Bricks and Mortar Innovation category. We were delighted to sponsor the award which recognises the potential of technology when used with physical retail spaces.

RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, Musgrave

Musgrave and Pricer

Irish grocery retailer Musgrave enlisted Pricer’s digital shelf-edge technology – Electronic Shelf Labels – to make labour savings, improve customer service and operational efficiency and boost sustainability.

This enables Musgrave to ensure their pricing is accurate, free up staff for other tasks and improve sustainability by reducing the use of paper labels – contributing to optimised internal processes and an overall improved physical retail experience.

Image: Musgrave

Nudie Jeans and Sitoo

Nudie Jeans uses Sitoo software to connect their physical and digital retail systems for a more streamlined customer experience.

With Sitoo, Nudie Jeans’ in-store staff and customers can view stock availability in all stores and online – and then choose their shipping options accordingly. With this technology, they are improving efficiency in fulfilment and making their physical retail space more adaptable.

Image: Sitoo


RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, Sitoo
RTIH Innovation Award Finalists, Ribble Cycles

Ribble Cycles

Based in Ribble Valley, Ribble Cycles have used innovative technology in their flagship showroom to redefine the physical retail experience.

The showroom features a virtual team for live video chats with experts, digital screens displaying key information for each product, as well as Europe’s largest 4K video wall. It even has a signature scent to further enhance the physical retail experience!

Image: Ribble Cycles


Make your physical space work harder for you with CADS

Congratulations to all the Bricks and Mortar category finalists – and to Sook for securing the top spot! It was great to see so many brilliant businesses recognised for the impact their technological innovations have had on physical retail spaces this year.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s awards!

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