Communicating a complicated message using 3D animation

Clare Montgomery
Retail Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 20/04/2015

This Sainsburys Supermarket pilot BIM project 3d animation helped the store development team communicate a complicated message. Take a Look.


3D Animation

Helping communicate a complex message

CADS 3D Team is regularly tasked with helping our clients communicate complicated messages to specific audiences. This was the case with Sainsbury’s Store Development Team, who wanted to explain the use of Building Information Modelling to 600 Senior Managers

Sainsbury’s was using the construction of their new supermarket at Thanet in Kent as a BIM pilot project, which would then be used as a blueprint for the company. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a current development in both process and technology that enables all members of the construction design team, architects, structural and service engineers, to work in a collaborative 3D environment.

The 3D animation bought the BIM construction process to life including the range of information that can be added to the model from various other retail data sources such as CADS StoreSpace® macro-space planning software.

“The completed video of this high profile BIM pilot project was shown to over 600 senior managers within Sainsbury’s. The 3D animation created a great impression, providing our managers with a valuable insight into the Building Information Modelling process.

It also clearly demonstrated how a 3D model created for the design and construction of a new store could be used to link together existing currently unconnected data sources across the business.

Having worked with CADS 3D team on a number of visualisation projects, I knew they would be able to bring to life this complicated message in a vibrant and engaging way. They clearly understood the brief and delivered a fantastic animation on time and on budget. What more could I have asked for?”

Michael Barber, Sainsbury’s

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