How to get the best data from a laser survey and 3D Revit model

Mark Johnson
Survey Insight by Mark Johnson National Accounts Manager 14/11/2018

A digital survey is not a commodity but a tailored service. Read this White Paper about how to get the best data from a laser survey and 3D Revit model


Get the best from your survey data

A digital survey is not simply a commodity but a tailored service

If you are commissioning a digital measured survey for a building design, construction or refurbishment project, find out the main factors you need to consider.

This free 17 page Laser Survey White Paper outlines ways to ensure your building data will be the oracle from which all critical design, build and management decisions are made. It shares the essential points to consider when compiling a survey specification, ensuring that the brief you provide your surveyor is precise and relevant to your project’s requirements.

Who is this White Paper for?

Architects, Designers, Engineers, Building Contractors and Facilities Managers who are commissioning a survey and require accurate and relevant information for their project.

Read this Laser Survey White Paper now to find out how you can improve the quality and value of the survey data you commission for your next project.

Key takeaways:

  • The essential questions you need to ask your stakeholders before commissioning a survey
  • The various types of survey data you may require for your building project
  • Understanding what type of data you need to request in your Survey specification document
  • Assessing what data you may already have and what new data you need
  • Identifying the key long-term uses for your building data
  • How a Point Cloud survey can benefit your project

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