Managing HFSS legislation compliance with StoreSpace®

Clare Montgomery
Retail Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 02/12/2021

According to the IDG, 43% of prominent placings of food and drink contain High Fat Sugar and Salt (HFSS) products and therefore ensuring compliance with the new HFSS legislation will be a massive challenge for UK retail planning teams from October 2022.


Managing HFSS Legislation Compliance

Ensuring stores are compliant with the new High Fat Sugar and Salt (HFSS) legislation will be a massive challenge for retail planning teams next year. Particularly when 43% of prominent placings of food and drink in UK grocery stores contain HFSS products, according to the IDG.

Ensuring stores are compliant will require a combination of macro and micro space planning the outcome of which will need to be demonstrated to those appointed to enforce the law.

Usefully StoreSpace® can simplify this process, enabling store managers to prove they understand where the demarcated ‘non-HFSS areas’ are within their stores. These include gondola ends and free-standing units, any display units within 2m of a till point, self-checkout or queuing area, as well as 3% of the sales area measured as a semi-circle around any entrance.

Demarcating HFSS controlled zones on floor plans

Accurate, clearly demarcated floor plans are the obvious place to start, knowing where the controlled areas are within the HFSS affected stores.

The StoreSpace fixture fields can then be used to categorise the fixtures that are located within the HFSS controlled area. These fixtures can then be highlighted clearly on the floor plan and shared with store teams via StoreSpace on any mobile device.

A Bay details report can then be run detailing the fixtures affected and the planograms currently assigned to those fixtures.

Demarcated floor plan
Nielsen IQ

Planograms with HFSS product attributes

Additionally our customers are working with companies such as Nielsen IQ to create specific planogram segments with known HFSS product attributes. Using these three data sources (floor plans, fixtures and planograms), retailers can manage their controlled zones with confidence and avoid contravening the HFSS regulations and any associated fines.

The HFSS legislation has been described as the biggest diet intervention in the UK since rationing during World War II, intended to tackle the obesity crisis in the UK. These rules will apply to any retailer over 2,000 sqft selling high fat sugar and salt products, the regulations will control where these products are located in store and ban volume price promotions as well.

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