Celebrating 20 years of the continuous EHS

Clare Montgomery
Other Services Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 01/06/2022

CADS Housing Surveyors have now been continually delivering key statistical surveying data for over 20 years


Celebrating 20 years of continuous EHS

Delivering vital survey data for the English Housing Survey

CADS plays a vital role in fulfilling the Government-commissioned English Housing Survey (EHS). The long-running surveys records details about the condition of the country’s housing stock, helping to deliver Key statistical data for what is considered one of the government’s gold category surveys, carrying National Statistic status.

CADS Housing Surveyors have now been delivering their surveying data for over 20 years of continual housing surveys. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our surveyors for their continued service on the EHS and especially the 70 that have been with us since 2002. The loyalty and commitment of our housing survey team is critical in maintaining a reliable and high-quality survey deliverable.

More information about the survey is available from the MHCLG website.

Celebrating 20 years of the continuous EHS

Discover the English Housing Survey

A government-commissioned survey, the English Housing Survey records information about the population’s housing circumstances and the condition of the UK’s housing stock.

CADS’ Housing Survey team has played a crucial role in fulfilling the English Housing Survey since 2002.

English Housing Survey

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