Top surveying tips for architects and contractors

Mark Johnson
Survey Video by Mark Johnson National Accounts Manager 15/03/2019

Benefits of a building surveyor on a project team. Watch the first in our series of top Surveying tips video series for architects and contractors.


Top surveying tips for architects and contractors

Video #1 – Benefits of a building surveyor on a project team.

We are launching a series of quick videos with top surveying tips for architects and contractors. The series is looking at the main issues we see in our day to day work.

The value of a surveyor

Today we are talking about the value of having a surveyor as a core part of your project team – whether you are working on a new build or refurbishment project.

In our 2018 White Paper “How to get the best data from a laser survey and 3D revit model” we highlighted a number of considerations for project teams when procuring a BIM survey.

Building Information Modelling demands a collaborative approach and requires good communication, but rarely are surveyors actually consulted on the best way to capture the survey data and deliver the information.

Do you need a survey or do you need a surveyor?

The general view seems to be I need a survey rather than I need a surveyor. However, in our experience, project success comes from the effective use of our surveying skills and our knowledge and not just the technology that we are using. This is also increasingly the experience of our clients.

By bringing a surveyor into your team at an early stage you can benefit from their technical knowledge. And, in return they will gain a much better understanding of your specific project requirements. This will ensure you receive survey data that is reliable, compatible, comprehensive and fit for purpose. And probably, most importantly, you will get the better value for the data you have commissioned.

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Top surveying tips: Make the surveyor part of your project team.

So if your project requires accurate building data, don’t just ask for a laser survey. Ensure you bring the surveyor on board as part of the project team as early as possible.

Involve us and get the best from us!

Our White Paper on ‘How to get the best data from a laser survey and 3D revit model‘ is available to download online and Mark is also here to help if you have any questions.

We hope you found our top surveying tips video useful.

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