How to understand store performance

Retail Video by Guy Moates Retail Specialist 08/06/2019

This video shows how StoreSpace® enables users to understand performance using area, equipment and linear space information


What is the size of the store, the warehouse or ambient categories?

Understand store performance using area equipment and linear space information

StoreSpace® can be used at several different store planning levels, including:

  • Area information
  • Equipment
  • Linear space

The software can be configured to report on space allocation instore using polygons to outline the selected area. This allows you to question how big the store is, how big the warehouse is, and as shown in this video, how big the ambient space is.

You can also report on any part of the store’s fixtures and fittings, such as signage, graphic panels, staff facilities, warehouse racking and all the sales floor fixtures.

Further functionality includes being able to block-plan at department level and plan both planogrammed and non-planogrammed space all in one environment.

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5. Using sales data to inform planning decisions

Watch this StoreSpace® explainer video in which we show how it is possible to display average sales information from planograms. Using the average weekly sales, planners can make the right choices to maximise sales.

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