How to use model stores to consistently plan your stores

Retail Video by Guy Moates Retail Specialist 08/06/2019

This video shows how the StoreSpace® tools can be used to get the right mix of space, consistently applied, across your estate


Consistently achieve the right mix of category space

The use of high performing store models is a key component of StoreSpace®. These tools are aimed at helping the planner get the right mix of space, consistently applied, within each relevant store to maximise sales and profitability. StoreSpace can advise the planner of the ideal size of a category area.  Colours change according to best fit. The aim of the plan is simple – try to turn everything green!

The models use simple target spreadsheets which are usually created from high performing stores and are easy to maintain. Model store layouts can also be stored and maintained using StoreSpace to help planners with the ideal mix of equipment and space when planning new stores.

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