Floor flatness surveys

In competitive industries such as property development and retail fit-out, the precision and quality of flooring are critical to project success.

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Floor flatness surveys

Enhancing safety, efficiency, and structural integrity

Commissioning a floor flatness survey with your next measured building survey ensures the safety, operational efficiency, and structural integrity of your project. Traditional methods for assessing concrete pours often lead to delays and additional costs due to long wait times and extensive evaluations. However, modern scanning techniques now offer faster and more accurate levelling and correction processes.  

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Commissioning a floor flatness survey

Floor flatness surveys

When to commission a floor flatness survey

  • New builds.
  • Refurbishments and fit-outs.
  • Installation of warehouse materials handling equipment (MHE) such as stacking frames, forklifts, and robotic delivery systems.

Importance of surface quality 

The quality of a floor’s surface—its flatness, slope, and smoothness—directly impacts safety and operational efficiency. Identifying floor flatness issues early helps avoid unexpected costs for levelling work or corrections later in the project. Accurate assessment and correction of irregularities are crucial for ensuring both safety and functionality. 

Advanced surveying technology

CADS Survey team utilises 3D Laser Scanning technology for comprehensive floor flatness surveys. These surveys provide precise measurements of surface regularity and identify deviations from desired flatness levels.

Reports offer complete, wall-to-wall coverage, enhancing flexibility for building layout changes. Our surveys typically target screed levels for SR1, SR2, and SR3 classes, adhering to Construction Industry Research & Association (CIRIA) standards.  

Measured building surveys in Norfolk

Floor flatness survey for high-profile retail store in London landmark Battersea Power Station

The CADS Survey team delivered measured survey drawings and floor flatness analysis for a leading technology retailer’s new store in the redeveloped retail and leisure venue Battersea Power Station in London.

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Accurate survey deliverables for optimal outcomes

Using Point Cloud data, we create detailed 2D Cad drawing ‘Heat maps’, highlighting floor slab variations with high accuracy, ensuring compliance with industry standards for flatness, levelness, and curvature. 

Benefits of ensuring surface regularity 

Construction contractors

For construction contractors and manufacturing project teams working on a warehouse development, enhanced operational efficiency allows forklift trucks to operate at peak speed on a flat floor. A consistent floor surface creates safer forklift truck working conditions, reducing driver fatigue and risk of injury and damaged stock. Mechanical and electrical (M & E installation) systems often require flat surfaces for proper installation and operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Fit-out contractors

A floor flatness survey identifies potential issues early, preventing costly project reworks and delays to comply with industry standards further through the project lifecycle. Knowledge on flooring irregularities allows for accurate planning and design leading to the optimised installation of the most appropriate flooring system. A level floor guarantees the stability and longevity of partitioning fixtures, providing structural integrity, stability and aesthetic appeal.

Floor flatness surveys
Floor flatness surveys

Retail fit outs

A flat and even floor ensures customer safety by minimising trips and falls. It also enhances operational efficiency facilitating smooth movement of goods and equipment, and gives a stable base for retail fixtures and displays. It also contributes to the store’s aesthetic appeal, aids in compliance with industry standards, reduces maintenance costs by decreasing wear and tear, and improves the overall customer shopping experience.

Facilities teams

Sports and recreation property developments benefit from floor flatness surveys, as consistent surfaces are vital for performance and safety. Basketball courts, gyms, and ice rinks require level surfaces for fair play and injury prevention. 

For healthcare developments, level flooring is critical for patient safety and the smooth operation of medical equipment in hospitals and pharmaceuticals, ensuring accessibility and patient comfort.  

In pharmaceutical production, precise and level flooring is important for cleanroom environments, maintaining sterility, and facilitating the proper function of sensitive equipment. 

Floor flatness surveys for property developers

A floor flatness survey identifies and corrects irregularities, ensuring compliance with standards, stable fixture installations, and future maintenance facilitation. For fit-out contractors, retailers, and property developers, these surveys are essential for successful, safe, and efficient developments while adhering to budget and timelines.

Read more detail on how a floor flatness survey would benefit your next development project here.

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