Creating a LOD3 Revit model from a laser survey of a NHS hospital estate

Clare Montgomery
Survey Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 03/02/2016

CADS Surveyors created this LOD3 Revit model of Goodmayes Hospital, a 10ha NHS estate with over 30 buildings


NHS Hospital

Modelling a 10 hectare hospital site

In 2015 Ingleton Wood commissioned CADS Surveyors to undertake a laser survey and build a detailed 3D model of Goodmayes Hospital 10ha site for the NHS North East London Foundation Trust. CADS ultimately delivered a full set of 2d plans of the hospital and surrounding estate.

600 laser scans of the estate’s 30 buildings in a two week period

Spending two weeks on site the team of five surveyors took over 600 scans of the estate’s 30 buildings. Working out of hours and using traditional survey methods where needed, the surveyors were able to record the required information while minimising the disruption to patients and staff.

Delivery of traditional 2D CAD plans

Along with the model, traditional 2D CAD plans were also produced. These were constructed using information from both hand measurements taken on site, and information extracted from the point cloud.

Hospital Laser Survey Model

Building the LOD3 Revit model

Back in the office, the scans were registered using the control network established on site to produce a point cloud of the site and buildings.
The point cloud was then used to create the 3D Revit model. A LOD3 Revit model was produced detailing the original historic building facades that will be retained.
Internally a LOD2 model was adopted as a more extensive development is proposed internally. The modelling process took around eight weeks with up to three surveyors working on the model simultaneously.

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What the Client Said…

“We employed CADS survey team on this complex and sensitive project because of their technical knowledge and professionalism. The project required the integration of laser captured point cloud data and hand measured data to create the 3d model, was delivered within the agreed timescale and budget.

While we had to allow an additional 30% in the budget for the delivery of the 3d model in addition to the 2d drawings, this has delivered significant value to the project. Particularly where we have been able to make fully informed design decisions not only on the location of buildings but also on the impact on the façade and view.

CADS took a very consultative approach to the project, fine tuning the specification for the model to ensure we were able to swiftly integrate it into our design process once it was released and we have been delighted with the results.”

Simon Jones, Head of Estates and Major Capital Developments of the North East London Foundation Trust

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