Why should you ask for 2D plans from a 3D laser survey?

Survey Insight by Guy Moates Retail Specialist 18/02/2015

2D plans from a 3D laser survey! Have you considered 2D plans as a more cost-effective solution in the first instance?


2D plans from a 3D model

What is the benefit of a 3D laser scan when I only need 2D plans?

As laser scanning surveys become more mainstream, clients often ask us – what is the benefit of 3D laser scan when I only need 2D plans for my project?

Clearly if the project involves 3D coordination of services or is a full BIM project a laser scan forms an integral part of the overall process and 2D plans will be required alongside the 3D BIM Model.

Quick and efficient 3D laser survey

However, many of our retail clients commission us to undertake a “retail survey” to enable them to assess the potential of a site before deciding whether or not to acquire it and proceed with development.

Flexible and fast space representation as 3D plans

In these instances whatever the final decision on the property purchase, using a 3D laser scan to prepare quick, accurate 2D plans represents the right value for money choice, because:

  • We can capture the measurement data and slice the point cloud to prepare 2D plans in sufficient detail to appraise space potential,
  • While enabling clients and their agents to examine the 3D space in a point cloud format almost immediately using online Web-Share facilities.

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And the benefits are…

The benefit of working this way is of course that the 2D plans are cheaper and faster to produce than a fully detailed 3D model, and the difference in time for our surveyors on site to undertake a 2D versus a 3D survey is minimal.

And, if the site is subsequently acquired and a fully detailed 3D model is needed for the refurb and fit out, this can be supplied at a later point in the process, removing the costs and the need for our surveyors to return to site.

So don’t be embarrassed to ask for 2D plans if you are commissioning a 3D laser survey. There are definitely occasions when 2D deliverables are the best commercial choice. So please just ask – even though we prefer to capture in 3D, we still can deliver 2D plans.

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