What is retail space planning maturity?

When managed effectively, retail space planning can significantly boost profitability. We know that these processes evolve as planning managers try to optimise store performance. Here we explore the four stages of retail space planning maturity.

Retail Insight by Guy Moates Retail Specialist 30/03/2023

Retail space planning is a vital process used by retailers to optimise the internal layout of their stores. When managed effectively, it can significantly boost profitability.

However, retailers across the world implement the retail space planning process in different ways. Some maximise the process while others have areas which need significant development.

Here at CADS, we deliver software which helps planners get the most from their physical retail space, making us an expert in the retail space planning process.

So, we’ve developed a model to help retailers identify their level of retail space planning maturity – and determine ways to improve their process.

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