Verification surveys for retailers: The benefits of up-to-date floor plans and space data

Making the most of merchandisable space requires accurate data - we take a look at how this can be achieved.

Richard Burford
Retail Insight by Richard Burford Customer Success Specialist 16/08/2023
Verification surveys for retailers

Maximising returns on a retailers most valuable physical asset

With rising costs and an ultra-competitive sales environment, retailers need a consistent approach to maximise returns on their most costly but valuable physical assets. Making the most of every inch of merchandisable space requires accurate data of every store across a retailer’s property portfolio.

As built store survey rolling program

With refits and seasonal refreshes, maintaining this information can be challenging. A rolling program of as-built or verification surveys is often required to collect and record this vital data. With survey deliverables including 2D drawings, floor plans, sections and elevations, as well as site plans or 3D BIM models.


How do key retail stakeholders use accurate space records?

Accurate knowledge of available space across a retail estate offers numerous benefits to multiple departments which we’ve outlined below.


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