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Clare Montgomery
Retail Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 06/04/2020

StoreSpace® 1.10 provides improvements to the StoreSpace® AutoCAD functionality which speeds the planning process. Read on to discover more!


We are delighted to announce the latest release of StoreSpace®, version 1.10, providing additional space-planning functionality for our retail clients.

StoreSpace® 1.10 provides improvements to the AutoCAD functionality which speeds the retail space planning process, enhancing your existing store planning systems and workflows. The new functionality will enable your teams to gain more valuable data and insights from StoreSpace® to create profitable stores, find out more in the video below.

The new features include:

  • The ability to temporarily suspend StoreSpace® while using AutoCAD for instance to to view and edit reference drawings e.g. building shell or open other drawings without StoreSpace® validating content.
  • The ability to quickly create StoreSpace® AutoCAD fixture blocks from existing blocks or graphics and add these to the StoreSpace® fixture library in the most appropriate place in the hierarchy tree.
  • ‘Gondola Builder’ a command that allows the quick creation of runs of fixtures.
  • ‘Shuffle Planned Items’ which is an intuitive tool for re-arranging existing planned items – planograms, categories or departments.
  • StoreSpace® can now control three fixture fitting circles ensuring that aisle widths are easy to maintain within different shopping formats.
  • Quickly change between StoreSpace® databases for international clients with country specific databases or retailers managing different brands which require separate StoreSpace® databases.
  • Enhanced text tool allows bay text to be shown at four levels Department, Category, Planogram or the level the bay has been planned to.

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