Internationalisation of StoreSpace® – working with clients across the world

Clare Montgomery
Retail Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 20/12/2023

Our innovative retail space planning software, StoreSpace®, is growing internationally as we work with clients in a range of locations, from the Dominican Republic and Mexico to the USA and Australia.


Internationalisation of StoreSpace®: working with clients across the world

Helping international retailers get the most from their space

Our StoreSpace® software has been utilised by big retailers across the UK and Europe for many years.  

And now, our StoreSpace® software has expanded its reach even further as it helps retailers all across the globe optimise their store layouts, streamline their planning process and improve profitability.

Sweden’s largest pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat transformed their space planning with StoreSpace®, major fashion retailer Primark used StoreSpace® to improve productivity and drive cost savings – and retail giant Asda has recently upgraded to the newest StoreSpace® release. And now, our innovative technology has crossed the pond and soared even further! 

Rouses Market enhances operational Efficiency and Boosts Sales with StoreSpace®

Enhanced operational efficiencies with StoreSpace®

US grocery retailer Rouses Market enhanced its operational efficiency and boosted sales with StoreSpace®, leading to better productivity, improved communication and enhanced agility. 

Dominican Republic grocery retailer Grupo Ramos implemented StoreSpace® software with NielsenIQ planograms to optimise its retail planning process and improve store performance. 

And, Mexico-based Grupo Merza adopted StoreSpace® to access accurate store information and get the most from its space – helping the retailer with the creation of the layouts, heat-map reporting, category distribution and more. 


Delivering our Customer Success Programme across the world

We’ve also been visiting international retailers to deliver our Customer Success Programme – specialised training to help our clients get the best results from our software following implementation. 

In October, our Customer Success Specialist Richard Burford visited family-owned supermarket chain Big Y in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, spending five days on-site to help the space planning team get the most from what StoreSpace® has to offer. 

He also travelled down under to deliver tailored training to leading pharmacy network Sigma Healthcare in Melbourne, Australia. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have taken StoreSpace® worldwide! One of the main benefits of StoreSpace® is its flexibility – and this is certainly demonstrated as it’s been adapted for both big and smaller retailers in a range of countries. 

The success of StoreSpace® is credit to our expert team and their hard work. We’re looking forward to introducing our retail space planning software to even more businesses around the world in the future”

Guy Moates, Director of CADS. 

Improve the profitability of your stores with our intuitive AutoCAD-based software for retail space planning

CADS’ StoreSpace® software makes it easier for retail planners to optimise and plan category space within stores. It connects category space on floor plans with Nielsen planograms and other sales data, enabling you to plan stores more efficiently and effectively.

Maximise store profitability

CADS' StoreSpace® software has expanded its reach even further as it helps retailers all across the globe optimise their store layouts, streamline their planning process and improve profitability.

Make retail space planning easier with StoreSpace®

Available in multiple different languages, StoreSpace® is intuitive AutoCAD-based software which can help optimise store layouts, plan category space and boost the profitability of retailers’ estates. 

Here at CADS, we have one of the biggest UK-based teams of expert retail planners. So, no matter where you are in the world, our team are on-hand to discuss how StoreSpace® can help you – or provide any other retail space planning support you may need. 

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