Helping our clients thrive with our customer training programmes

Clare Montgomery
Retail Insight by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 08/04/2024

Adopting retail space planning technology can be transformational for retailers. Where businesses may have previously relied on inefficient Excel sheets and email chains for store planning, using technology means they can experience more streamlined processes, better customer satisfaction, improved store communications and boost profitability.


Adopting StoreSpace®

To ensure this seemingly daunting transition runs smoothly, we have carefully developed a Customer Success Programme to help our new clients use StoreSpace® effectively as quickly as possible. Here at CADS, we provide retail space planning software – StoreSpace® – for retailers across the world. To help our clients get the best results, we prioritise helping the businesses we work with through the adoption process and beyond.

In this article, we’re exploring the training and support we offer and the value this has for our clients.

What value does our Customer Success Programme add for our clients?

CADS' StoreSpace® Implementation programme for customer success

Our implementation plan and ongoing training programme are part of our commitment to help customers succeed with StoreSpace®, focusing on ensuring a smooth transition and equipping our clients with the skills they need.

Our implementation plan features five key steps:

1. Stage One: Project kick-off

A kick-off meeting ensures CADS and all key stakeholders are aligned on what StoreSpace® will deliver – and all expectations are understood.

2. Stage Two: Discovery

This helps us identify any areas where existing processes can be improved – and captures decisions which will inform how StoreSpace® is configured and built.

3. Stage Three: Data preparation

At this stage, we migrate pilot data to StoreSpace® to show our clients how it will work for them.

4. Stage Four: Training

Following implementation, we tailor our training to our clients’ needs, including aspects related to key user roles and ensuring users are comfortable with the platform.

Helping our clients thrive with our customer training programmes
Ensuring Customer Success for retailers using StoreSpace®

5. Stage Five: Hypercare

Once StoreSpace® is in place, our consultants are on-hand throughout the Hypercare phase to answer any questions and provide support while using the software.

Following this, we enrol our clients on their Customer Success Journey.

We provide tailored support and training to help with their retail space planning using StoreSpace®, whether that’s with new functionalities or using the system in the most effective way to get maximum value. You can read more about our Customer Success Programme here.

Internationalisation of StoreSpace® – working with clients across the world

Our innovative retail space planning software, StoreSpace®, is growing internationally as we work with clients in a range of locations, from the Dominican Republic and Mexico to the USA and Australia.

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Our implementation plan and ongoing training programme are part of our commitment to help customers succeed with StoreSpace®, focusing on ensuring a smooth transition and equipping our clients with the skills they need.

How we've helped our clients


One of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK – Asda – has been working with CADS for many years.

Previously, Asda had been using an early version of StoreSpace®, but at the end of 2023, the business made the switch to the new and updated version.

Asda is now enjoying the benefits of the new and enhanced features in StoreSpace® which are updated on a regular release cycle providing additional opportunities to improve store efficiencies.

CADS' client Asda
On-site training at Asda head office

To help the retailer make the change, our StoreSpace® Implementation Consultant, Liam Donnelly, visited Asda Head Office in November 2023.

Liam worked with 20 new and existing Asda team members, providing training on how to use the new version of StoreSpace® for a range of different ability levels.

Following the on-site training, we initiated the Hypercare plan, during which our team were on-hand in real-time to help with any critical questions.

Asda then moved on to their Customer Success Journey, during which our experts are available for any support or additional training.

As well as refreshing the skills of Asda’s StoreSpace® users, this training programme will ensure the team are up-to-date on best practice and equipped with the necessary knowledge to get the most from the software.

Big Y

Big Y is one of the biggest family-owned supermarket chains in the US, based in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Following the implementation of StoreSpace®, our Customer Success Specialist, Richard Burford, spent five days delivering a training session at their headquarters.

Tailored to the needs of the Big Y team, the training included information on StoreSpace®’s functionalities and how to use them – to get the most from what our retail space planning technology has to offer.

Matthew Gordon, Senior Project Manager at Big Y said:

“Thank you for the outstanding job with the training this past week. Richard did a great job catering to the spectrum of skills of the Big Y team. I really appreciate how the training has given them confidence in getting the most out of StoreSpace®.”

Big Y is now under our Customer Success Programme which will keep their team up-to-date on the latest thinking and new software functionalities when released.

Big Y supermarket StoreSpace® training
On-site StoreSpace® training at Sigma


At the end of 2023, our StoreSpace® software was adopted by Sigma Healthcare, a leading pharmacy network based in Melbourne, Australia.

Richard Burford visited Sigma to deliver engagement training for their team during the implementation process.

First, he worked with the planning team to demonstrate how the system works, including how StoreSpace® can facilitate the creation of store plans, execute reports, improve the store engagement and identify opportunities for improvement.

Richard also worked with store staff to provide training on practical implementation and use of the software in store.

Grupo Merza

Mexico-based retailer Grupo Merza operates in the grocery, supermarket and logistics sector.

Throughout the implementation process, Richard worked closely with Grupo Merza to ensure peace of mind during the transition, unveil ways to optimise their space planning processes and enable them to better interpret StoreSpace® reports and indicators.

Now, Richard and our Customer Success Team continue to meet with Grupo Merza to provide additional support.

Haydee Valdes Medina, Head of Marketing at Grupo Merza, said:

“The customer success training meetings are very useful. Richard and the CADS team demonstrate the value we can obtain from StoreSpace® and its reports and indicators, explaining everything in a personal and step-by-step way.”

StoreSpace® helps Grupo Merza make quicker space planning decisions and improve store profitability
CADS retail space planning services

Need retail space planning support?

Here at CADS, we provide a range of retail space planning services for businesses across the world.

In addition to our StoreSpace® software, we deliver our Store Insights, StoreView® technology, retail architecture, store surveys and more.

Trusted by high-profile retail clients internationally, we can help you get the most from your physical store space.

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