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CADS Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Victoria Myhill
Retail Insight by Victoria Myhill Senior Digital Marketing Executive 03/01/2023

In the Autumn of 2022, CADS launched a new apprenticeship scheme to invest in the workforce of tomorrow. We welcomed two new starters, Lilly Thompson and Jack Prendergast to the company as Apprentice CAD Operators, based in the Great Yarmouth office.


Lilly Thompson of CADS

Meeting the CADS' apprentices

Role specific CAD training

Lilly, aged 20, will be undertaking a Level 3 Business Administration course following successful completion of her A levels in Phycology, Sociology and Religious Studies. Jack, aged 18, will be training to be a Level 3  Information Communications Technician, having completed a level 3 course in engineering at college.

CADS has over 35 years’ experience working with household names to plan and optimise store layouts and floorplans using the in-house innovative software, StoreSpace®.

Jack and Lilly will both be seconded into the retail space planning team for role specific training during their CADS apprenticeship, so I recently caught up with CADS’ newest recruits to find out a little more about them.

CAD apprenticeship presents exciting new challenge

Lilly’s apprenticeship at CADS will train her in a career that she’s excited to learn. Previously, Lilly had worked shifts in the hospitality industry and had found there were very few opportunities to train in other roles or to progress within the company.

As an apprentice CAD operator, Lilly is looking forward to the challenge of learning new skills and working in a job with variation. Lilly explains:

“I have really enjoyed the drawing tasks I’ve been working on at CADS, together with the challenge of learning the new skills required to do this.” 

Lilly Thompson of CADS
Lilly Thompson of CADS

“I’m sociable, ambitious, positive and adaptable, so will bring these skills to the business and my team. In the past I’ve worked well on individual projects or as part of a team, and I enjoy following processes. Developing my AutoCAD and drawing skills are areas I look forward to improving, as well as exploring the CAD software further.”  

Apprentice achievements and aspirations

Lilly enjoys debating and has previously met former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he visited Great Yarmouth.

“In year 10, myself and 3 teammates won a debating competition for our school which was my proudest achievement so far. This was a real morale boost for our school as we did not win many competitions previously. I was proud that this inspired two more-year group teams from our school to enter the debating competition after we won.”

Other proud moments for Lilly include passing her driving test. In her spare time, Lilly enjoys Badminton and is looking forward to developing this skill now she’s no longer working shifts:

“I have set myself a target to improve my badminton skills so I can win a game when I go on holiday this year. I also enjoy socialising with my friends and plan to see them a lot more now I have more free time.” 

Lilly Thompson of CADS

Developing software skills through CAD training role

Jack was attracted to apply for an apprenticeship with CADS because he wanted to learn more about CAD and train for a career in computer systems design:

“I like the idea of travelling to new places and working away from home. Learning different, smarter ways to do things is something I really enjoy so I am looking forward to developing my software skills and learning new programs.”

An experienced Adobe Photoshop user with a keen interest in photography, Jack describes himself as adaptable and a good team player, who is enthusiastic to learn more about CADS:

In my spare time I use Photoshop and enjoy constantly adapting and learning. I like photographing people and manipulating the photos in Photoshop to unique designs that are saved to my Pinterest account.

I’m looking forward to learning how the business operates and would like to develop my CAD skills particularly.”


Jack Prendergast of CADS
CADS apprenticeship training

Achieving career goals

“Getting this apprenticeship has been my proudest achievement so far. In 10 years, I would like to be a qualified Surveyor with CADS, travelling worldwide to survey new sites and buildings for CADS clients. 

In addition to a passion for photography, Jack enjoys socialising, listening to music, going to the gym, making people laugh and is partial to a cheeseburger or 3!

Welcome Jack and Lilly, CADS look forward to seeing their career goals flourish in future! 

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