Jemma, Lead Software Developer – Women at CADS – Part 3

CADSLife Insight by Guy Moates Retail Specialist 14/03/2023

In the third of our four part series celebrating International Women's Day we speak to Jemma Russell, CADS' Lead Software Developer


Lead Software Developer - Jemma Russell

Jemma Russell, Lead Software Developer

Jemma  joined CADS in 2015 as web developer and Scrum Master taking a eky role in the StoreSpace team. She studied computer science at Staffordshire University graduating with a First in International Computing Science which involved a placement year abroad in Stuttgart

During her free time Jemma is a Brownie and Guide leader putting a lot of energy into a wide range of events and camps and also acting as an inspiring role model to their girls and young women in her groups.

What is your role at CADS?

Software Developer and Team Leader for the IS (Information Systems) Team which means I am the lead software development for StoreSpace and the English Housing Survey. I also plan and manage the fortnightly sprint process alongside  my role as Scrum Master.

How does CADS support your training and career choice?

Took a training course before Xmas in leadership and people management. CADS is supportive and responsive in my career choice. I started working for CADS in 2015 after studying computer science at university. I have worked in software development for 12 years now in total.


Why did you choose to work in the technology industry?

I have always been interested in computers so I have never considered working in a different industry. In my free time I enjoy market research on new technology and the latest IT developments and trying the out where possible.

In your opinion, why is it important that more women become involved in the retail technology industry?

Peoples individuals perspectives, personalities and working careers all influence and create a better team structure. Working collaboratively with a team produces a better end result which is more user friendly if everyone’s perspectives are taken into account.

What advice would you give to a woman considering working in your industry?

I run brownies and guides groups and we have evenings dedicated to jobs and career choices and I promote my career choice to the girls. I believe you shouldn’t discount working in the tech industry because you feel its for boys or coding heavy. There are jobs in the tech industry to suit everyone, from artistic web designing through to problem solving in IT testing or software development.

Still to come in this series for #IWD

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