Laser scanning 17 bus depots in 5 weeks

Iain Tubby of CADS
Survey Case Study by Iain Tubby Survey Services Manager 11/04/2019

Surveying project providing information for a large UK utility provider's energy efficiency upgrade programme, helping the UK's first major transport operator switch to 100% renewable energy


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CADS laser scans for bus depot's energy efficiency upgrade

Accurate information for renewable energy campaign

A large utility provider approached CADS to carry out laser scans on bus depots for their client, a major bus operator in the UK. The scanned information was used by the utility company to carry out an upgrade to their client’s energy meters and replace existing light fittings with more energy-efficient lamps.

The works were part of a £1.4 million programme to make 65 of the bus operator’s UK bus depots more energy efficient. The campaign also helped make the company the first major transport operator in the UK to switch to 100% renewable electricity supply.

Laser scanning 17 bus depots in 5 weeks

Laser scanning bus depots - 87,000 sqm scanned in 5 weeks

The team created CAD drawings identifying all existing lighting in each depot to help facilitate the new lighting design. In total 17 bus depots amounting to 87,000 sqm were scanned in 5 weeks by our surveyors across sites in Greater London.

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In total 17 bus depots were laser scanned amounting to 87,000 sqm in 5 weeks by our surveyors across sites in Greater London.
Helping the first major UK transport operator to switch to 100% renewable electricity supply.

Iain Tubby Principal Surveyor, CADS

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