Creating an interactive virtual tour for Norfolk ‘hidden gem’

Clare Montgomery
Survey Case Study by Clare Montgomery Head of Operations 17/10/2022

Here at CADS, we have used a Matterport survey to create a 3D ‘digital twin’ – and an interactive walk-through model - for St Mary’s Church in Fishley, Norfolk.


Bringing the church back to life

Originally built in the 12th century, St Mary’s Church was extended and renovated in 1860, but then fell into disuse and deteriorated.

Since the late 1980s, the neglected church has undergone a significant transformation led by Church Warden Ivan Barnard and previous warden, Chloe Ecclestone. Now fully restored, Fishley Church holds two services a month.

Considered a ‘hidden gem’ in the Norfolk countryside, Ivan wants to promote the church’s use as a wedding venue alongside nearby Fishley Hall.

A chance meeting

On a summer’s walk, our Survey Services Manager, Iain Tubby, discovered the isolated church in Fishley. He was greeted by Ivan who kindly provided a brief history of the building.

Inspired by Ivan’s story, Iain offered to help by conducting a Matterport survey of the church to create an interactive 3D model.

Why use a Matterport survey?

Matterport Doll House of Fishley Church

One of many types of survey in our extensive portfolio of services, a Matterport survey captures panoramic images to create an immersive 3D ‘dolls house’ style model of a building, as well as a 2D schematic floor plan.

A valuable collaborative, design and reference tool, the model is used for keeping records of a physical space, taking dimensional measurements and making data-driven decisions.

For St Mary’s Church, the Matterport survey data was used to create an interactive virtual tour for their website, designed to showcase the potential of the beautiful historic building and encourage more wedding bookings.

“Stumbling upon the church and listening to Ivan’s story was a truly serendipitous moment. This chance encounter presented a unique opportunity for CADS to contribute to a local uplifting cause’’

Iain Tubby, CADS Survey Services Manager.

CADS Survey Services Manager, Iain Tubby

Discover the power of a Matterport survey

Use this 3D immersive asset record to streamline the design process and aid collaboration with your architects and design team colleagues and avoid costly mistakes.

Enjoy the benefit of this cutting edge technology and gain the competitive edge for your next construction project.

Tell me more about Matterport surveys

Through the latest technology, this unique model showcases and captures the enchanting wonders of St. Mary’s, Fishley. We’re so pleased more people can now appreciate the charm of this richly historic building

Ivan Barnard Church Warden at St Mary’s Church, Fishley
Fishley Church gif

A unique opportunity to create an immersive photographic asset record

The Matterport survey data for St Mary’s Church now allows users to virtually explore the site – and it gives the church a photographic asset record of the space.

The interactive ‘dolls house’ model provides a 360-degree view of the churchyard and the church itself, as well as an interactive tour of the inside of the building – with images of the organ, pulpit and altar.

Despite being geographically isolated, this valuable 3D model means St Mary’s Church now benefits from further visibility, particularly for soon-to-be-spouses. Its beauty – and potential as a wedding venue – is clear to see!

“Through the latest technology, this unique model showcases and captures the enchanting wonders of St. Mary’s, Fishley. We’re so pleased more people can now appreciate the charm of this richly historic building”

Ivan Barnard, Church Warden at St Mary’s Church, Fishley.

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